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  • slope: n 1 傾斜,坡度;坡,斜坡,斜面;【印刷】斜體。2 【軍事】掮槍的姿勢。3 【數學】斜率。4 【礦物】斜...
  • stability: n. 1. 穩定,穩定性,穩度。2. (船等的)復原力。3. 鞏固;堅定,持久不變。
  • analysis: n. (pl. -ses )1. 分解,分析;【數學】解析。2. 梗概,要略。3. 〈美國〉用精神分析法治療(= psychoanalysis)。

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  1. Calculation of safety factor for slope stability analysis with polygon elements

  2. Combination of slices method and fem for slope stability analysis of foundation pit under the seepage condition

  3. Rocky slope stability analysis taking into account seepage

  4. According to the original work on the stability problem of the left side of the river and the elementary analysis on the model of geological mechanism, two section planes of rock group t33 and j have been chosen to carry out the stability evaluation ( the slope stability analysis utilized the sarma program ), both of which have the different rock characters. when loads are calculated, the internal force, underground water, earthquake force, their combination and measure to deal with anchorage force infliction are also considered

    根據左岸邊坡穩定問題的前期工作和地質力學模式的初步分析,並結合工程地質條件調查,選取巖性構成不同的t33巖組和j巖組的兩個剖面分別進行穩定性評價(邊坡穩定性分析採用sarma程序進行) ,計算載荷考慮了自重、地下水、地震力及其組合以及施加錨固力的處理措施。
  5. The slope stability analysis model is developed on the basis of the virtual work principle, where the rock stratification planes and the adverse discontinuities are incorporated