音標 ['sləʊli]


    1. When the economy increases at the annual speed of 8 % and the population increases at the annual sp eed of 1. 4 %, people ' s knowledge and abilities - human - capital improved so slowly that it was hard to achieve the self - value of the acquired human capital. the university is to explore the abstractive scholarism and spread the advanced culture, and it is the depot to cultivate the advanced human capital

      在經濟以年均8的速度增長,人口以年均1 . 4的速度增長的同時,人的知識與能力?人力資本的增長速度卻緩之又緩,即使業已獲得的人力資本也難以實現自身的價值。大學是探究學術,傳播文化的場所,是培養高級人力資本的基地,其主體價值維系在教師和學者身上,教師的精神和物質待遇又維繫於職稱等級結構之中。
    2. Solutions are emerging, albeit slowly

    3. Above all, ask you to loosen your mood, having liverish person is not active anger, because hepatic itself is an alexipharmic place, the alexipharmic function that has liverish person liver originally is poor, you enrage it all one ' s life more diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain was accumulated more, with respect to meeting discovery liver bilges gas is burning sad fierce, the alexipharmic burden of aggravating instead liver, this is why you often discover abdomen will be indistinct recently the feeling is painful, be just like a sewer, sewer inchoate moment very connect, slowly with long finish discovers dredge worse and worse, this is hepatic never disease changes to sick silt, want to maintain permanent dredge so, after that makes liver had trouble already namely, also want little be anxious, little life, consider some of happy issue more, such ability reduce the amount that accumulates more, what ability makes liver good is fast

    4. The study investigated aboveground growths of caragana korshinskii and artemisia ordosica planted in four modes, revealing that in different planting modes their densities, heights and canopy width and biomasses remained unchanged or tended to decrease slightly ; the young shoots of a. ordosica annually grew in a s - shaped cure and the young shoots of c. korshinskii grew fast in spring and grew slowly or cease to grow from july on ; the biomasses and leaf area indexes of c. korshinskii and a. ordosica annually varied in a double peak curve and there were 8 annual plants that invaded in the four planting modes and formed higher coverage ; the quadrat with only a. ordoska appeared to have obviously lower coverage and biomass that the other three quadrats

      摘要對騰格里沙漠東南緣2種人工植被檸條和油篙在4種配置方式下地上部分的生長動態進行了研究,結果表明:不同配置方式下它們的密度、高度、冠幅和生物量基本不變或略微呈下降趨勢;油篙新梢的年生長動態呈s型曲線,檸條新梢春季生長速度較快, 7月份以後生長速度緩慢或基本停止生長;檸條、油篙地上生物量和葉面積指數的年變化均表現為雙峰型, 4種配置方式下共有8種1年生植物人侵,並具有較高的植被蓋度;同其它3個樣地相比,純油篙樣地1年生植物的密度、蓋度和生物量明顯偏低。
    5. Half an hour passed, during which time the ark had been slowly stealing over the water.