small office and home office (soho)中文意思是什麼

small office and home office (soho)解釋

  • small: adj 1 小 (opp large) 少 (opp large numerous) 細小的;窄小的;瑣細的;些微的;少額的(收入等)...
  • office: n 1 職務,任務。2 公職,官職;職責,任務。3 政府機關,公署,部,司,處,局,科。4 〈常 pl 〉辦公...
  • and: n. 1. 附加條件。2. 〈常 pl. 〉附加細節。
  • home: n 1 家,家庭;家庭生活;〈美國〉住宅。2 本國,故鄉;(活動的)中心地,根據地,大本營;(動植物的...
  • soho: SoHo1=south of Houston 〈美國〉梭荷中心〈紐約市曼哈頓南部一地區,以先鋒派藝術、音樂、電影和時裝...

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  1. Deli is an established 10 years old trading company with head office in singapore and branch offices in hong kong and shanghai. we specializes in seasonal giftware and home accessories products

  2. Therefore, wal - mart installs tv conference system to link all stores and home office

  3. As high - bandwidth services such as interactive tv, video applications, on - line game, etc., being the future applications at office and home, evolution of access network becomes an absolutely imperative task

  4. Universal furniture is recognized as a leader in exceptionally crafted furnishings for the home including complete bedroom, dining room, and occasional products, plus entertainment centers, wall units and home office selections

  5. It advancement is not expected to replace conventional office by home - based office, conventional business transactionretailing by e - commerce, schools by cyber learning center, at least over the short to medium term, as human interactions are still considered indispensable and that the small size and efficient transportation system are positive factors in helping such interactions ; it development is unlikely to lead to significant reduction in the demand for office space