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  • small: adj 1 小 (opp large) 少 (opp large numerous) 細小的;窄小的;瑣細的;些微的;少額的(收入等)...
  • office: n 1 職務,任務。2 公職,官職;職責,任務。3 政府機關,公署,部,司,處,局,科。4 〈常 pl 〉辦公...
  • home: n 1 家,家庭;家庭生活;〈美國〉住宅。2 本國,故鄉;(活動的)中心地,根據地,大本營;(動植物的...
  • soho: SoHo1=south of Houston 〈美國〉梭荷中心〈紐約市曼哈頓南部一地區,以先鋒派藝術、音樂、電影和時裝...

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  1. To provide home life and residential care for children in a small group home under the care and attention of a married couple working as houseparents ; and

  2. Small office home office, soho

  3. By the mid - 1970s, a small office warehouse distribution center was opened in newport beach, california

  4. Using the current network technology, it makes electrical machines and other information equipment connected with each other, thus builds up a small office home office network, called soho. the information inside the soho can be changed with the information outside the soho through the soho network

    它藉助現有的計算機網路技術,將家庭內各種家電和設備連網,實現一種soho ( smallofficehomeoffice )網,實現家庭內部信息與家庭外部信息的交換。
  5. If you run a small at - home business, or your business is unregistered please fill out the most appropriate details