smell-sensitive detector中文意思是什麼

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  • smell: vt (smelt 〈美國〉 smelled )1 聞,嗅。2 聞出;發覺,查出 (out)。3 發出…的氣味。 smell trouble...
  • sensitive: adj 1 有感覺的。2 敏感的,感覺靈敏的;敏銳的。3 易受傷的。4 (神經)過敏的,神經質的。5 易於發生...
  • detector: n. 1. 發覺者。2. 偵查器。3. 【化學】檢定器。4. 【電學】檢電器。5. 【電訊】檢波器,指示器。

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  1. Research on real - time measuring system about position posture of motional object with four beams of laser and position sensitive detector

  2. Ligo started collecting data in 2003. the observatory is the largest, most sensitive gravitational wave detector ever built. a planned series of upgrades will increase ligo ' s sensitivity even more

  3. With its minimized structure, the path provides an optimal light - amplifying ratio ; ( iii ) the position sensitive detector ( psd ) is just located in front of the visual sight of operator, this makes the observation and operation more easily

    該系統設計有特殊的光路,結構簡潔,體積小,通過多次反射提高反射臂的光程,保證了最佳的光杠桿放大比;同時,檢測系統中的位置敏感元件( psd )光敏面位於正對視線的方向,易於afm系統的操作和觀察。
  4. The second, the main olfactory epithelium, is a smell - sensitive tissue inside the nasal cavity

  5. Astronomers are waiting for more heros to be discovered by the next generation of space telescope and the successor of the hubble space telescope, the james webb space telescope. with its more sensitive detector and larger aperture, it could detect more distant galaxies and measure their redshifts more accurately

    全世界的天文學家都熱切期望哈勃太空望遠鏡的繼任者新一代的太空望遠鏡james webb space telescope于多年後的升空與啟用,能為這個問題提供確切的答案。