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  • snap: 1 systems for nuclear auxiliary power 核輔助動力系統。2 subsystem for nuclear auxiliary power (...
  • poll: n 1 〈古;謔〉腦袋;人,人數。2 納稅人[選舉人]名冊。3 投票,投票數;〈pl 〉〈美國〉投票處。4 人頭...

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  1. But the poll by humanitarian web site reuters alertnet ( http : / / www. alertnet. org ) found not all do - gooders fared so well, with fellow adoptive mother madonna voted the least respected celebrity altruist of 2007 despite raising millions for orphans in malawi, and bob geldof struggling for support

  2. It ' s quite a cold snap

  3. The cold snap did not lift for a week. every day we skated through the forest

  4. The year before, a winter cold snap and a summer heat wave killed more than 2, 000 people in india

  5. A recent snap poll conducted online by the china youth daily and qq. com showed a growing number of the country ' s young adults shared the view of lu ' s girlfriend