social skill中文意思是什麼

social skill解釋

  • social: adj 1 社會的,社會上的。2 交際的,社交的;喜歡交際的。3 合群的;【動物;動物學】群居的;【植物;...
  • skill: n 1 技巧,技藝,技能。2 本領;手藝;(專門)技術。3 巧妙,熟練。4 〈古語〉知識,理解力,判斷能力...

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  1. In view of objectivity, richness and availability of peer evaluation, the present thesis found " two - factor relation model " of primary children social skill, namely, positive and negative behavior skill, according to previous theories and interviews

    鑒于同伴評價的客觀性、豐富性和可操作性,本研究結合有關理論研究和開放式、半結構式訪談的結果,得出小學兒童社會技能的「二因素相關模型」 ,即積極行為技能和消極行為技能。
  2. After evaluating and pretesting items compiled by ongoing theories constitution, " primary children social skill peer behavior descriptive questionnaire " was completed

    根據理論構想編制項目,經過項目評價和預試,最終形成正式的「小學兒童社會技能同伴問卷」 。
  3. The hksar has all along adopted a liberal and open immigration policy to facilitate visitors to come for business, social or pleasure visits. genuine businesspeople and entrepreneurs are welcome to establish a presence in the hksar, bringing with them capital and expertise. foreigners may work or invest in the hksar if they possess special skill, knowledge or experience of value to and not readily available in the hksar and are employed with a remuneration broadly commensurate with the local market level, or they can make substantial contribution to the economy of the hksar

  4. In order to enhance the development of vocational education and enable local electrical practitioners to seek employment opportunities in mainland china, the department of electrical engineering has collaborated with the occupational skill testing authority of guangdong, which is operated under guangdong provincial labour and social security department, to organize the national occupational skill certificate test in hong kong

  5. The questionnaire, peer nomination and teacher evaluation were employed in a sample of 448 children from grade3 to 6 in wuhan city. using factor analysis, regression analysis and manova, the result indicated : ( a ) " primary children social skill peer questionnaire ", having good reliability and validity, proved reliable

    以本問卷和同伴提名、教師評定為測量工具,對武漢市某小學的3 - 6年級448名兒童為被試進行班級內集體施測,利用因素分析和多元回歸等統計方法對研究數據進行分析,結果發現: ( 1 ) 「小學兒童社會技能同伴問卷」具有較好的信、效度,用來做研究是可靠的。