soft coke中文意思是什麼

soft coke解釋

  • soft: adj 1 軟的,柔軟的 (opp hard tough); 柔滑的(皮膚,毛發等);悅耳的,好聽的,柔和的(聲音等);...
  • coke: n 科克〈姓氏〉。n 焦(炭)。 mineral coke天然焦。 a coke oven 煉焦爐。vt 把…煉製成焦炭。vi 煉焦;...

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  1. In soft, abnegating bald dos operating system, we will realize testing and displaying in real time on windows operating system. in hardware, we use computer as postposition cpu, monolithic processor as front cpu, and link them into simple network. in this way, we will realize a kind of distributing testing system providing with high precision and remote controlled ability

    軟體上,屏棄枯燥的D O S界面,使用windows平臺實現實時性很高的實測實顯任務;硬體上,將計算機作為上位機,單片機作下位機,連成簡單的網路,實現高精度的、具有遠程控制能力的一種分散式測試系統。
  2. We need 1500 mt / month oil well cement, if you are interested pls send us soft offer cif yemen / aden seaport

  3. It is not the firmest heart that can most easily bid adieu to these soft and mingled emotions.

  4. Processor of coal tar from its coke - making operations, manufacturing soft pitch, refined naphthalene, benzene, toluene, and creosote oils. located in taiwan

  5. Establishment of soft - sensing model for coke temperature