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  • soil: n 1 泥土,土壤;土質。2 土地,國土。3 滋生地,溫床。4 農業生活,務農。n 1 臟東西,污物,污穢,污...
  • zoology: n. 1. 動物學。2. (某一地區的)全部動物;(某種動物的)動物特性[特徵]。

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  1. The results indicated that, the total quanlity of major soil microbes declined, of which the minesoils was decreased by 68. 43 % ~ 80. 32 % in the top soil ( 0 - 20cm ) compared with that of the non - minesoils. the proportion of bacteria and actinomyces in the amount microbes decreased, while that of fungi not obviously changed

    結果表明:海洲香薷是銅礦區典型的耐銅性植物( elsholtziaharchowensis ) ,植物體中的重金屬元素含量表現為cu zn pb cd , cu與土壤元素的相關性最為顯著,其次為zn 。
  2. After analyzing purple soil sampled from neijiang, leshan ofsichuan provinec and yuanmou of yunnan province, the contrast results of microbe quantity feature between surface and subsurface purple soil were obtained as follows. the content of soil organic matter, total and available nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium of surface was higher than subsurface, not relating to the type of purple soil and soil utilization way. the quantity of microbe _ bacteria, actinomyces and mould in surface purple soil was higher than subsurface, which indicated that the organic matter and airy condition in surface soil was more suitable for microbes growing. there was the same tendency in profile change of microbe quantity in purple soil located in temperate _ humid climate of sichuan basin in contrast with dry _ hot climate of yuanmou, yunnan. the nutrient situation of purple soil in sichuan basin shown that state of surface was better than subsurface, while in yuanmou of yunnan the state was on the contrary due to the degradation of surface soil

  3. The results showed in the paddy field the bacteria were predominated, in the dry land the proportion of fungi and actinomyces was distinctly higher than the other two kinds of soil, in the woodland abundant species of basidiomycetes were found ; the natural degradation speed was low, with the degradation the number and composition of microorganisms changed regularly ; when the c / n ratio was adjusted to 25 " ? 1, the degradation remnant ratio reduced 10. 67 % than the control

    結果表明,水田以細菌為主,旱地中真菌和放線菌數量最多,林地中有大量的高等擔子菌;秸稈自然降解較慢,土壤微生物也隨著降解的進行而呈現一定的變化規律;當調節c / n比為25 : 1時,秸稈的腐解殘留率比對照組下降10 . 67 。 2
  4. Soil adhesion may be reduced even if water cannot readily permeate the soil layer.

  5. At first, this research summarizes and analyzes the natural zoology conditions, such as district ’ s boundary, geography position, climate characteristics, geologic and appearance, soil, vegetation and so on, social economy, the whole developing situation of the stockbreeding in the yellow river delta area. the result is : the yellow river delta is the area with a specific zoology system and rich natural resource. the proper geological environment, favorable climate conditions offer the advantaged conditions for the growing of pasture and feedstuff, the big superficial natural and artificial grass land and a large number of cropper straws establish a good material base for the vegetarian especially for sheep

    1 、通過對黃河三角洲地區的區域界定、地理位置、氣候特徵、地質地貌、土壤植被等自然生態條件,以及社會經濟狀況、畜牧業整體發展情況進行分析,結果表明:黃河三角洲是一個具有獨特生態系統和豐富自然資源的地區,該區特有的地質環境、良好的氣候條件為牧草及飼料作物的生長提供了有利條件,大面積的天然草場和人工草場以及大量的農作物秸稈為食草家畜,特別是羊的大發展奠定了良好的物質基礎。