solas tide中文意思是什麼

solas tide解釋

  • solas: 國際海上人命安全會議
  • tide: n 1 潮,潮汐,漲潮時。2 消長,盛衰。3 潮流,趨勢,傾向,形勢,時機,機運。4 【礦山】班,十二個鐘...

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  1. He said law enforcement facts turn the tide upon those who seek to asperse the country's good name.

  2. The main contents include : water environment, marine sediment and the trend monitoring of marine life quality ; at the same time, to consolidate the monitoring of the functional zones, such as seashore bathing places, oceanic reserves, marine aquafarms ; to set up the seashell monitoring and controlling zones in the sea areas of both pingtan and yunxiao at the first time ; to carry out the statistical monitoring of polder, exploiting sea sand, spartin aallerni flora, terrestrial sewages, etc., to carry out monitoring of the total quantity of pollutants into the offshore marine areas in the min river, the jiulong river as well as the municipal sewages of xinlin industry in xiamen and jiaocheng in ningde ; to carry out the red tide monitoring in the offshore marine areas of fujian province ; to implement time - lapse, pointing and continuous red tide monitoring of high frequency and high intensity in the sandu gulf, the min river estuary and offshore marine areas of xiamen

  3. Application of rtk gps in bathymetric survey without tide observation

  4. And during high tide, when the crows were forced closer to a nearby forest where predators abound, no crows were manning battle stations

  5. In the experiment of searching the agent for removal of phaeocystis globosa, six organic biocides were studied on their effect of removal of phaeocystis globosa. then isothiazolone biocide, glutaric dialdehyde and benzalkonium bromide were selected to apply to remove p. globosa red tide. their minimum use levels are 1. omg / l, 1. 4mg / l, 0. 6mg / l respectively, and the efficiencies of removal are above 80 %

    論文對有機除藻劑進行了篩選研究,對目前常用於工業循環冷卻水的6種有機殺生劑進行了試驗研究,發現異噻唑啉酮、戊二醛和新潔而滅對棕囊藻均具有良好的去除效果,它們使用的最低有效濃度分別是: 1 . 0mg l 、 1 . 4mg l 、 0 . 6mg l ,除藻率達80 。