soldering zero defect中文意思是什麼

soldering zero defect解釋

  • soldering: 焊跡
  • zero: n (pl zeros zeroes)1 【數學】零;零號。2 零位;零點,起點;(溫度表的)零度,冰點;座標原點;無...
  • defect: n. 1. 缺陷,缺點,弱點;短處。2. 不足,缺乏。vi. 叛變;逃走。 He defected to the West. 他叛逃到西方。

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  1. Then the paper discusses the theory - zero defect quality management. the aim is to search the reasons that cause to lower the teaching quality. firstly, there is a lack of proper quality conceptions

    接著介紹並分析了質量管理理論? ?零缺點質量管理理論,旨在探求導致現有高等師范院校教學質量不高的原因,一是缺乏正確的質量觀念;二是質量意識不高。
  2. Zero defect state

  3. The company persists on and improves the principle of harmonious business and zero defect management initiated by rongshida group, and pursues high performance and price ratio of the products so as to make diligently the enterprise international advanced and independent innovation in technology

  4. While incoming qc guards inferior components from going into production lines, outgoing qc reassures that only quality products leave our factory. 100 % quality checking is carried out at our offline w - inspection line to guarantee zero - defect items

    我們的進料品質控制部將劣質的元件在進入生產線時挑出,而成品質量控制部保證只有合格的產品才可以順利出廠.從進料到成品終檢每一個環節的100 %的質量檢測,保證了"零缺陷"
  5. Pursue the ultimate goal - zero defect