solenoid magnet中文意思是什麼

solenoid magnet解釋

  • solenoid: n. 【電學】螺線管;圓筒形線圈。
  • magnet: n. 1. 磁體;磁石;磁鐵。2. 有吸引力的東西[人]。

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  1. Furthermore, we have established long - term stable relationship with several reliable factories, acting as their agent to provide and export magnetic materials including hard ferrite, smco magnet, alnico magnet and rubber magnet

  2. Most conventional permanent magnet motors can accept an armature current three or four times the rated current.

  3. Zmd catena of self inhale magnetic force pumps adopt structure of electrical engine direct link form, by centernog prop up, the structure is tightly, teardown and maintenance is convenient, adopt high - powered magnetism stuff nd fe boron to make inside and outside magnet. isolationsheath assembled make of import nonmetallic material, avoid magnetism backset ullage of the run - of - mill pumps have drastically

    Zmd系列自吸磁力泵採用電機直聯式結構,由中間支架支撐,結構緊湊,拆卸維護方便,採用高性能磁性材料「釹鐵硼」製造內外磁體,隔離套採用進口非金屬材料,徹底消除了一般磁力泵具有的磁渦流損耗,可輸送高濃度,密度大於1 . 84 t m
  4. Dr. roger bannister, the first man to run a mile in less than four minutes, claims to have beaten cramp by carrying a small magnet around with him

  5. A new proportional solenoid with hi - directional operation was presented to deal with the uni - directional low driving performance of conventional proportional solenoid, which worked on differential control of magnetic fields produced by permanent magnet and control coils