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  • solution: n. 1. 溶解;溶液,溶體,溶劑。2. (補輪胎用的)橡膠水;〈美國〉藥水。3. 解決,解答 (of; for; to); 解釋;(數學等的)解法,解式。4. 免除,解除。5. 【醫學】消散,消退。
  • mining: n 1 采礦,采礦業,礦業。2 敷設地雷[水雷]。adj 開礦的,采礦的。 a mining engineer 采礦工程師。 min...
  • research: n. 1. 仔細搜索 (for, after)。2. 〈常 pl. 〉研究,調查,探測;追究。vt. ,vi. 追究;調查,研究 (sth. , into sth. )。
  • institute: n 1 協會,學會;學院,專科大學;(學院附設的)研究所。2 〈美國〉講習會;(短期)訓練班。3 會址,...

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  1. To explore the formation mechanism of innovative coalition stability and prevent abortion of innovative partners, the one - to - one dynamic matching model of innovative coalitions was presented based on the analysis of dynamic and external characteristics of firm - research institute innovation coalitions with the assumption that innovative coalitions were formed through admissive negotiation rules

  2. Earlier this year, a study by gerd pfreier of beckman research institute pointed out the specific substance causing cancer in cigaret smoke, whose target was some parts of gene which, people discovered, played a prominent role in some cancers

  3. On the basis of the investigation of the content and distribution of heavy metals in sediments and benthic organisms from the sewage stream in guangzhou city, the antagonistic effect of selenium on the harm of mercury ( hg2 + ) to the tissues in swordtail fish ( xiphophorus helleri ), the 22nd offspring purely cultivated by pearl river fishery research institute, were measured by physiological and biochemical indexes and observation of electron microscopy

  4. This paper draws lessons from the design experiences of domestic large scale power station which uses gis technology and combines with the 330kv gis design of the gong bo xia and li jia xia power station that are designed the northwest investigation design and research institute. this paper not only advances some common questions about gis such as selecting model and demonstrating, compiling technology standardization of the device, layout and design, test, enviromental protection and maintenance, etc, but also supplies effective solution commonly used in engineering

  5. The cross short rollers guide way and servo feed - system are the most important parts of 3mz204cnc bearing internal grinding machine made by luoyany bearing research institute. - we have analysised firstly the factor of influence with roller guide way rigid, and we have obtained a load - distortion curve. we also have analysised the dominating factors influence with distinguish ratio of guide way, and we have obtained a solution about pre - tighted load which were tested by experiments