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  • somalia: n. 索馬里〈非洲〉。
  • contact: n 1 接觸;聯系;交涉。2 〈美國〉(有勢力的)熟人;門路。3 【數學】相切;【電學】接觸;觸頭;觸點...
  • group: n 1 群;批,簇。2 集團,團體,小組。3 【化學】基,團,組;(周期表的)屬,族。4 (雕塑等的)群像...

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  1. Fellow travellers should minimise contact with the sick group member, and observe personal hygiene

  2. Abstract : physical activity has been defined as " any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure ". it is strongly endorsed as a means of staying healthy and an important avenue for social contact. although in australia, some studies have been conducted into the levels of physical activity in some ethnic communities, there has been a tendency to adopt a homogeneous view of culturally and linguistically diverse ( cald ) people rather than an ethno - specific perspective that recognises differing cultural beliefs and practices between and across language groups. this paper reports on a study that aimed to explore the concepts of, and attitudes towards, physical activity among older hong kong chinese australians resident in nsw. this study involved individual in - depth interviews and the use of open - ended questions. a total of 22 informants was recruited for the study. the findings revealed that most informants did not have a clear idea about what was meant by the term physical activity. " physical activity " tended to be a confusing and complicated term to this group. in addition, attitudes towards physical activity among this group reflect their cultural and health beliefs in preventive health care. to increase the physical activity level among older hong kong chinese australians, culturally - specific health promotion strategies might be needed to tackle the misconception about and specific attitudes towards physical activity, as well as to match the holistic chinese oncept of health maintenance

    文摘:身體活動指"由骨骼肌產生的體能消耗運動" ,是保持身體健康、增進社會交往的重要方式和途徑.在澳大利亞,雖然有研究調查民族群體身體活動的各個層面,但總體而言,多數研究更側重於民族群體的同質性,而忽視了其異質性.本研究探討在新南威爾士州居住的澳籍香港老年華人對身體活動的概念理解及對身體活動的態度.研究使用開放性問卷進行個體深度訪談,受訪者22人.研究發現,大多數受訪者不清楚"身體活動"這一術語的含義,對他們來說, "身體活動"是一個模糊的、復雜的術語.該群體對身體活動的態度反映了他們在預防性衛生保健方面的文化和健康觀念.顯然,提升澳籍香港老年華人的身體活動水平,需要一種基於文化特殊性的健康促進策略以解決對身體活動的誤解,同時也需要具體的身體活動態度與華人整體性保健觀念相匹配
  3. Through one - on - one contact and group activities, fellow practitioners planted master s love in the hearts of the children who quickly immersed themselves in the joyful atmosphere and the ocean of master s blessings

  4. China ' s special representative for darfur liu guijin is interviewed during the break of the meeting of an enlarged international contact group on darfur in paris, capital of france, june 25, 2007

  5. Secretary of state colin l. powell s questions and answers at contact group ministerial joint press conference, 4112001