sorting routine中文意思是什麼

sorting routine解釋
排序程序, 分類常式

  • sorting: 分床分碼
  • routine: n 例行公事,日常工作;常規;慣例;程序。 the day s routine=daily routine 日常工作。 He can only ...

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  1. Service of government of enterprise retiree socialization is after showing the worker deals with emeritus formalities, its manage servive routine and depart of former company posture, annuities executes socialization to extend, personnel turns over a city street execute apanage management with community, by community service organization provides corresponding administrative service

  2. Each also spends time performing routine tasks on an assembly line.

  3. After the cows are rounded up and brought back to the home ranch, the buckaroos begin sorting the herd

  4. The attempts to employ this capability for routine survey purposes were discouraged.

  5. The sorting routine in listing 5 is another example of more complex netrexx coding