sound burst中文意思是什麼

sound burst解釋

  • sound: adj 1 健全的;強壯的,正常的;完好的,無疵的,沒有腐爛的(船、牙齒等)。2 正確的;正當的,合法的...
  • burst: vi 1 破裂,迸裂,爆炸;爆發出,噴出;(花蕾等)綻開,(洪水等)潰決;〈俚語〉破產。2 突然發作,忽...

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  1. In acoustics he studied the propagation of sound and musical consonance and dissonance.

  2. The disturbance is sound wave, conforming to the laws of acoustic propagation in solids.

  3. The work that man went through, leaping on his crutch till the muscles of his chest were fit to burst, was work no sound man ever equalled ; and so thinks the doctor

  4. Introduction : background stories : the sudden burst ear - piercing sound of the glass panes, maikedemo dr. rushed to europe and africa where heliya rooms the old man who had just discovered the window door, face upward on the floor

  5. Presently a great jet of white smoke burst from the ferryboat s side, and as it expanded and rose in a lazy cloud, that same dull throb of sound was borne to the listeners again