sound shift中文意思是什麼

sound shift解釋

  • sound: adj 1 健全的;強壯的,正常的;完好的,無疵的,沒有腐爛的(船、牙齒等)。2 正確的;正當的,合法的...
  • shift: vt 1 變動;改變;搬移;移動;轉移;變換;替換;更換。2 推卸;轉嫁。3 消除;撤除。4 【語言學】變換...

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  1. The advantages of acoustical techniques reside in the fact that sound waves can propagate considerable distances in dense liquids and solid where light cannot.

  2. I aim by sound and i am an expert shot.

  3. Introduction : to experience driving over the speed of sound rocket vehicles in arizona, click start race start the game, after entering the game to see green after driving by shift attention, accelerated by the space bar across the open end of the slowdown in accordance with the z umbrella, by x braking

    來體驗駕駛超過音速的火箭車的快感,點擊start race開始游戲,進入游戲后看到綠燈亮后開車,注意按換檔,按空格鍵加速,沖過終點要按z打開減速傘,按x剎車。
  4. Sound system equipment. part 9 : artificial reverberation, time delay and frequency shift equipment

  5. There is a weakening tendency of sound representation in semantic - phonetic complexes, mainly due to the intention of word building, characteristics of sound representation, obstacles of word building methods, influence in using words, and the influence of sound shift