sound woman中文意思是什麼

sound woman解釋

  • sound: adj 1 健全的;強壯的,正常的;完好的,無疵的,沒有腐爛的(船、牙齒等)。2 正確的;正當的,合法的...
  • woman: n (pl women )1 女人,婦人;成年女人;〈不加冠詞〉〈集合詞〉婦女,女性。2 〈the woman〉女人性格...

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  1. It would not have been possible for abraham lincoln to have loved any mortal woman.

  2. Based on analyzing the relation between woman and history, this thesis focused on chinese contemporary female chronicle plays and discussed the change of female chronicle plays from 1980s to 1990s female chronicle plays, which used the means of absurdism, secularity and humanism, waken the patrilineal culture by emphasizing the power of female and debasing the male

  3. Dislike the woman of big voice, dislike abuzz environment, dislike the voice of surroundings everything

  4. Suddenly a distant sound of rapidly advancing wheels was heard, and almost immediately a carriage appeared, drawn by a pair of wild, ungovernable horses, while the terrified coachman strove in vain to restrain their furious speed. in the vehicle was a young woman and a child of about seven or eight clasped in each other s arms

  5. Valentin arregui : stop crying ! you sound just like an old woman