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  • south: n 索斯〈姓氏〉。n 1 南;南方。2 南國居民。3 〈詩〉南風。4 〈the S 〉(一國或一地區的)南方,南部...
  • norwalk: 諾瓦克

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  1. South plays in four spade and west begins with king and ace of hearts.

  2. ( 4 ) based on the analysis and summary of typical orogenic belt in china, advancing the marker to distinguish the exist of delamination occurred in orogenic belt, especially giving up some new marker such as ring ultrabasic - basic - medium acid rock body, local bimodal continental rifting volcanic activity ; rapakivi granite, etc. ( 5 ) collating the main stages of south part of sanjiang orogenic belts evolution after the close of old nanchangjiang ocean, i

  3. The story reorganization of " the big adventure of south pole " is from the true incident in the 1957 department examination campaign of south pole : to search a fall in the mysterious aerolite on the island of south pole, one has begun the travel of their exploration of south pole by the exploring party of 3 scientist compositions

  4. The south african wing of the non - denominational international bible society, which translates and distributes the bible, said mobile phone users with the right type of phone could download the whole bible in either english or afrikaans using the text messaging function sms

  5. Travelers sami sabiti and justine shapiro return to south africa to see how much the rainbow mation has changed in the decade since apartheid. starting in the beautiful cape town they travel to robben islad to see where nelson mandela was imprisoned. after a stop in kimberly, sami does on to the tribal lands of limpopo while justine heads east to afrikaner oudtshoorn and on to durban before meeting the wildlife of kruger national park. they end their journey in johannesburg