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  • southwest: n 1 西南〈泛指西南方向,或指正西以南45°;略作 SW〉。 southwest by south 西南偏南〈即西南偏南11°15...
  • associated: adj. 1. 聯合的。2. 聯想的。
  • university: n. 1. (綜合)大學。2. 大學當局。3. 〈集合詞〉大學人員。4. 〈口語〉【體育】大學選手,大學隊。

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  4. First, there is no specific parameter for quantization ; second, the effects of transaction fee are ignored ; third, because these models are equilibrium models, they can ’ t reveal many of the prosperities observed in empirical markets, such as fat - tails, long - range correlations in volatility, etc. in the process of i study financial economics, when the teacher xu jia - gen to speak the price of the stock market to visit the distance examination and the artificial intelligence models, i think, if mathematics combines with the calculator. ( i studied mathematics four years in the southwest normal university ). the stock market price exercise regulation will easily confidence

    首先,沒有用具體的參數來量化股市的行為,其次,它們都忽略了交易費對股市的影響,第三,由於這些模型都是均衡模型,無法展示實際市場回報分佈的特點,諸如「肥尾」現象、集群波動等。在我學習金融經濟學的過程中,徐加根老師講到股票市場價格的遊程檢驗與人工智慧模型時,我想,如果數學與計算機的結合(在西南師范大學學習了四年數學) ,股票市場價格運動規律就容易把握了。
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