space harrier ii (mega-tech)中文意思是什麼

space harrier ii (mega-tech)解釋

  • space: n 1 空間;太空。2 空隙,空地;場地;(火車輪船飛機中的)座位;餘地;篇幅。3 空白;間隔;距離。4 ...
  • harrier: n 1 獵兔狗。2 〈 pl 〉〈集合詞〉打獵隊中的獵人和獵狗。3 越野賽跑者。n 1 侵略者,掠奪者;蹂躪者。2...
  • ii: 北約科學系列
  • mega: adj. 1. 〈口語〉宏大的。2. 〈口語〉精彩的。
  • tech: n. 〈俚語〉技術學校。

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  1. Metallothionein - ii, 6. 8kda, purified from the liver of rabbit induced by cadmium, has been crystallized in the space group p6322 using hanging drop vapor diffusion method, with unit cell parameters

  2. At the meeting when ce hkma briefed the panel on the work of hkma, some members raised concern about the disposal of surplus office space in hkma s new accommodation in ifc ii

  3. Britain ' s queen elizabeth ii is in the us to celebrate the 400th anniversary of jamestown. the queen will also meet with students of virginia tech and attend the kentucky derby

  4. Establishment of the open type functional space : the mega - structure for the governmental institutions and the system consisted of semi - indoor leisure space, sight - seeing space, supervision space and political affair participation space, and the green spaces among the multi - storied buildings demonstrate extensively the openness of the new quarter

  5. On the one hand, it combines the traditional ward design with new design principal including affluent sunlight, fresh indoor air, and physical environment harmonious with nature in order to save energy, increase efficiency and perfect function by using green technology and new materials, on the other hand, on the standpoint of caring for patient ' s emotion and thinking of patient as center because of the speciality of serviced people ( abnormal and unhealthy group ), it sets up family and artistic environment and seek for humanizing detail process to space, interior and exterior which eliminate negative effect from high - tech to meet patient ' s emotional need

    一方面運用綠色技術和新型材料,將充沛的晝光照明、清新潔凈的室內空氣、與自然共生的物理環境與傳統的設計加以結合,達到節能、高效、功能完善。另一方面,考慮服務對象的特殊性? ?不正常或者不健康的人群,從關注病人情感,實現以病人為中心出發,建立家庭化、藝術化的室內外環境,尋求在建築空間和室內外細部作富人情味的柔化處理以平衡高技術帶來的負面效果,使病房樓變得更加迎合病人的情感需要。