1. Adhesive structure in machine manufacture process is abroad applied in spaceflight, avigation and else industry field, because its weight is lighter and its shape is velvet

    2. Accelerometer is the main inertia measurement device of inertia measure - ment and navigation system, it ’ s mainly used to measure the acceleration of carrier, and we can get the velocity and displacement of carrier from acceleration, so it ’ s wildly used in spaceflight, avigation, navigation and other fields, the capabilities of accelerometer are of the key function in the whole system

    3. Based on the spaceflight technology innovation program of “ research on the testing method of reliability - - - - research on the fault diagnostic expert system and neural network ” and the pre - research defense projects of “ research on longevous service and high reliability of satellites ” of the national tenth - five - year plan, taking attitude control system of a satellite as object, the theories and the applications of the neural networks and expert system in the fault diagnosis are studied in this dissertation

      本文以航天技術創新基金項目「可靠性試驗方法研究? ?故障診斷的專家系統神經網路技術研究」和國家武器裝備「十五」預研項目「衛星長壽命高可靠性技術」為背景,以衛星姿態控制系統為研究對象,在理論和實踐兩個方面對神經網路和專家系統相結合的故障診斷技術及其在衛星中的應用進行了研究。
    4. Lecture " chinese manned spaceflight technology

    5. Shanghai academy of spaceflight technology