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  • spark: n 1 火花;火星。2 (鉆石等的)閃光;(目光的)閃耀。3 生氣,活力,(才智的)煥發。4 〈美國〉小鉆...
  • plug: n 1 塞子;(齲齒等的)填塞物。2 救火龍頭,消防栓;(內燃機的)火花塞;【軍事】火門閂;槍口蓋;【...
  • cleaner: n. 1. 清潔工人;(乾洗)洗衣工人。2. 洗衣店(老闆)。3. 除垢器。

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  2. Abstract : there are offered many ways how to improve work of a spark plug. but one of the m ost important problems has not been solved yet. this is a thermal mode operation of a spark plug. the ideal spark plug should be instantly heated at the moment of occurrence of a spark and instantly cooled down in expectation of the foll owing electrical pulse. thus it balances between preservation of heat for self ? c leaning from scale and its removal in avoidance self ? ignition. in this article a uthor managed for this time to offer a spark plug with capability “ self ? regula tion ” of heat flux removed from a zone of ignition. essence of the offer is a t ip , which is transparent for heat flux. it is produced from single crystal of sap phire

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    M14 1 . 25矮型錐座火花塞及其氣缸蓋安裝孔
  4. The distributor ' s second job is to distribute each high - voltage surge to the correct spark plug at the correct time by means of the distributor rotor and cap and secondary wiring

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