special design area中文意思是什麼

special design area解釋

  • special: adj (opp general ordinary usual)1 特別的,特殊的。2 專門的;專用的;特設的。3 額外的,臨時附加...
  • design: vt 1 計劃,企圖,立意要…。2 指定,預定;留給,留著。3 設計,草擬,擬定,籌劃;起草,畫草圖,打(...
  • area: n. 1. 面積;平地;地面。2. 空地;〈英國〉地下室前的空地。3. 地區,地方;〈比喻〉區域;范圍。

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  1. While the basic process and the fundamentals of control are universal, the actual system requires special design.

  2. Perfection taste, outstanding construction that pick fault with that has no the each and a craft, all proof against your person of the end, " lt ", make the texture place oneself among them, the level of structure jump up to feel the very fresh and clear and special design, and work properly to move, not the, equanimity, gravamen is thin

  3. Special design of rising oilway of shoe tree holder controls completely the shoe tree in the set position in the course of upper - binding

  4. Thank you for paying us a visit. we invite you to get to know the sauter world of pianos. you will find information about our upright and grand pianos, about peter maly s special design for sauter and about the history and corporate philosophy of our piano factory

  5. The issues which might be addressed at " stage two " include the operation and composition of the town planning board ( such as membership of the board, quorum of meeting and declaration of interest by members ) as well as the designation of " special design area " and " environmentally sensitive area " on statutory town plans

    可能在"第二階段"審議的事項,包括城市規劃委員會的運作及組成(例如城規會委員人數、會議法定人數及委員申報利益事宜) ,以及在法定規劃圖則上指定"特別設計區"及"環境易受影響地區"的問題。