special homology manifold中文意思是什麼

special homology manifold解釋

  • special: adj (opp general ordinary usual)1 特別的,特殊的。2 專門的;專用的;特設的。3 額外的,臨時附加...
  • homology: n. 1. 相應,符合;關系相同。2. 【化學】同系(現象)。3. 【生物學】同源。4. 【數學】透射;同調。
  • manifold: adj 1 許多的;種種的,多樣的,多方面的,五花八門。2 由許多部分形成的。n 1 復寫本。2 【機械工程】...

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  1. Tsui also deserves accolades in the area of special effects

  2. The head girths of several patients were above the 97th percentile of the normal growth curve, but were normal in a special growth chart for achondroplasia

  3. One day on the tour, we visited a high mountain lake, and afterwards we had to descend some steps on the mountain that were very steep, and one of the older sisters suffered from acrophobia fear of heights. that day, she had used perfume with a very strong aroma, and one of the other sisters was allergic to the smell. it seems, however, that god had a special arrangement for them both

  4. It shows sufficiently that miscellaneous drama that describes thoughts provides special artistic value of discourse space for ordinary literati as well as for writer ' s wandering between elegance and vulgarness through manifold ways, such as the practice of expressing will and emotion, the special meaning revealed by autobiographic artistic expression and the natural artistic manner similar to essays of the late ming dynasty

  5. However, it is necessary to acquire the antibody or the antiserum, which could specially react with the expression protein of die objective gene transferred into the transgenic plant according to the characteristics of high homology and immune cross - reaction among plant ferritin, using the special immune serum of pea ferritin, the content of plant ferritin could be detected for studing the ferritin expression of transgenic plant by the technique of immunoassay such as immunoprecipitation, eljsa and western blotting

    利用免疫檢測技術進行植物轉基因的表達檢測是一種簡單、靈敏、快速、可靠的方法,但其前提條件是要有與轉基因植物目的基因表達的蛋白質發生特異性免疫反應的抗體或抗血清。根據植物鐵蛋白之間有高度同源性和交叉免疫反應的特性,利用特異性的豌豆鐵蛋白抗血清,就可通過免疫沉澱、 elisa或western雜交等免疫檢測方法進行植物鐵蛋白含量等的檢測,從而更好地進行轉基因方面的研究。