species 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['spi:ʃiz]
species 解釋
n. 名詞 〈sing. , pl. 〉1. 種類;【生物學】(物)種。
2. 【邏輯學】種。
3. 【原子能】核素。
4. 【法律】形式。
5. 【宗教】聖餐物。

  • species: n. 〈sing. , pl. 〉1. 種類;【生物學】(物)種。2. 【邏輯學】種。3. 【原子能】核素。4. 【法律】形式。5. 【宗教】聖餐物。

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  1. The encyclopedia will describe every aspect of every species from aardvark to zorilla, an african skunk - like mammal

  2. Showed a distinct seasonality. both abiotic and biotic factors were also found to influence the growth of the seagrass species

  3. Toxicity comparison on a few acaricides to three species spider mites

  4. Bigfoot, on the other hand, while occasionally eliciting an acerbic snicker, enjoys greater plausibility for a simple evolutionary reason : large hirsute apes currently roam the forests of africa, and at least one species of a giant ape ? gigantopithecus ? flourished some hundreds of thousands of years ago alongside our ancestors

  5. There are five natural sample zones of adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin investigated, and recorded 34 species. 10 dominant species were used to calculate the niche width of populations and the niche overlap interpopulations