specified jurisdiction中文意思是什麼

specified jurisdiction解釋

  • specified: 給定的
  • jurisdiction: n. 1. 裁判權;司法;司法權。2. 管轄權;管轄范圍;權限。adj. -al

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  1. Returns the absolute value of a specified number

    Math . abs方法返回指定數字的絕對值。
  2. Jurisdiction corresponding to legislation and administrtion, refers to the special activities previlleged to special units with judicial powers endowed by law and as mediators to make the final and impartial arbitration on disputes and contradictions of the involved clients according to adjective law and substansive law

  3. Method of use : first dissolve the irrigation in solution as per the specified proportion, then push the irrigating nozzle to the focus, and place the absorbing tube into the solution bottle ; hold the air cell and pinch it repeatedly to wash the focus area with the solution passing through the nozzle

  4. Currently, of the aforesaid ten caricom countries, holders of the hong kong special administrative region hksar passport do not require a visa for visit to the following six countries, namely commonwealth of dominica, jamaica, st kitts and nevis, st lucia, st vincent and the grenadines as well as trinidad and tobago. however, given the introduction of the caricom special visa requirement, they are advised to apply for an appropriate visa if they intend to visit these countries during the specified period. holders of the hksar passport still require a visa for travelling to the other four countries, namely antigua and barbuda, barbados, grenada and guyana

  5. As the name implies, the courts of appeals have appellate jurisdiction.