speedometer take-off shaft中文意思是什麼

speedometer take-off shaft解釋

  • speedometer: n. 【機械工程】示速器;(汽車等的)速度計,里程計。
  • take: vt (took; taken )1 (用手)拿,取,抓,握,捕,捉,逮捕;俘虜;攻取,占領;【牌戲】吃掉,勝過。...
  • off: adv 1 〈運動〉向那邊,隔開。 be off 走,去,逃。 I must be off 我得走了。 Where are you off to 你...
  • shaft: n 1 箭;箭桿。2 (槍、槌、斧等的)柄;矛。3 【植物;植物學】稈;莖;柄。4 【動物;動物學】羽軸;...

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  2. The diameter is 15. 5 centimetres, 8. 5 centimetre high, is it make various kinds of flowers line kind to carve gold and silver thin slice, paste in painting childing smooth of polishing with paint, after being dry, overall xiu several of celluloid paint is it show the honeysuckle line to grind and then, make pattern and paint bottom reach same pingdu, push away light become a exquisite one flat to take off the lacquer ware in addition

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  3. These manifolds are connected to the vacuum system through air take - off lines in order to remove the non - condensable gases from the condenser

  4. The fan came in also as a beautiful adjunct to conversation, the conversationalist opening, waving and closing it, as an american old man would take off his spectacles and put them on again during a speech, and was just as beautiful to look at

  5. Power take - off, squared shaft drive. two stud flange without oil seal gasket