sphincter of hepatopancreatic ampulla中文意思是什麼

sphincter of hepatopancreatic ampulla解釋

  • sphincter: n. 【解剖學】括約肌。 sphincter ani 肛門括約肌。adj. -teral
  • of: OF =Old French 古法語。
  • hepatopancreatic: 肝胰的
  • ampulla: n. (pl. -lae )1. (古羅馬的)細勁壇。2. 神酒瓶;聖油瓶。3. 【解剖學】壺腹。4. 【生物學】壇狀體。

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  1. Bacterial or viral infection of the intestine may result in explosive watery diarrhea, tenesmus ( spasmodic contraction of anal sphincter with pain and persistent desire to defecate ), and abdominal cramping pain

  2. While urinate the detrusor has the bladder contracted, inter and outer sphincters relax, the urine is released from the bladder, while ejaculate the amyofibre of prostate is contracted as well as the urethra inner sphincter is contracted to close the bladder neck and the outer sphincter opened, the semen is ejaculated outside. if the regulation is out of control, the inner sphincter wouldn t colse the bladder neck, instead the outer sphinecter is opened to close the door for the semen ejection, as result the semen only flows backward into the bladder, this is called " reversed ejaculation ". because the semen could not be ejaculated into vagina, the fecundation and bearing doesn t occur

    當排尿時,逼尿肌收縮膀胱,內外括約肌放鬆,尿被排出體外射精時,前列腺肌纖維收縮的同時,尿道括約肌也收縮,關閉膀胱頸部,而外括約肌開放,精液便射出體外如果調節失控,內括約肌未關閉膀胱開口,而外括約肌反而收縮,關閉了遠端的門戶,結果精液只能倒流入膀胱,這就叫「逆行射精」 ,精液未能射入陰道,也就不能受精生育。
  3. This model shows the morphology of the stomach in a moderate distended state. with the longitudinal section, the model shows the structures of the gastric folds, pyloric valve, pyloric sphincter muscles, gastric mucosa and the transitional mucosa of the gastric - esophagus

  4. These nerves mediated the majority of inhibitory responses in the gi tract and regulate many important physiologicai reflexes, such as relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter after swallowing, receptive relaxation of the proximal stomach during eating, and descending inhibition in response to distension

  5. Establishment of animal model for study on myoelectrical activity of oddi ' s sphincter