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  • spin: vt (spun 〈古語〉 span; spun;spinning)1 紡。2 使(陀螺等)旋轉;使(車輪)打空轉〈在冰上,沙中...
  • recovery: n. 1. 重獲;復得;恢復,收回,回收。2. 還原,復原;痊癒;蘇生;矯正。3. 回縮。4. 填地。5. 【法律】勝訴。
  • test: n 1 檢驗,檢查;考查;測驗;考試;考驗。2 檢驗用品;試金石;【化學】試藥;(判斷的)標準。3 【化...

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  1. The recovery of atmospheric light oil yield of atmospheric in the northern atmospheric distillation tower of shenghua teaching & test factory, science and technology group of china university of petroleum has been increase by about 4 or 5 percent through the following methods : changing the tray perforation of atmospheric tower, adjusting the amount of stripping steam and the outlet temperature of the atmospheric heater and merging atmospheric excess vapor into 3rd atmospheric drawn - stream to keep the fractions content of bottom oil below 5 % before 350

    摘要中國石油大學科技集團勝華教學實驗廠北常減壓蒸餾裝置換煉勝利管輸油后,通過改變常壓塔塔盤開孔率、調節常壓塔汽提蒸汽量和常壓爐出口溫度、常壓過汽化油併入常三抽出線等措施,控制常壓塔底油350前餾分含量小於5 % ,使常壓輕質油收率提高約4 % ~ 5 % 。
  2. Five sets of long - term axial loading equipment were designed and manufactured. the component of long - term loading test comprised axial creep and creep recovery at two different level of sustained load

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