spotted seahorse中文意思是什麼

spotted seahorse解釋

  • spotted: adj. 1. 有斑點的。2. 有污點[缺點]的。3. 削去樹皮打上記號的。4. 〈口語〉受注意的。n. -ness
  • seahorse: 海馬屬

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  1. The sample solution is spotted on an absorbent paper.

  2. Were his first words when rescued by the crew of a dutch frigate who spotted him while searching for drug smugglers in waters near the dutch antilles, spokesman willem cosijn said

    當這名男子被荷蘭一艘護衛艦的船員救上來時,他說的第一句話就是: 「有巧克力羊角麵包和牛奶嗎? 」
  3. We 've spotted the enemy battery position.

  4. Common species under culture include green grouper, brown - spotted grouper, giant grouper, russell s snapper, mangrove snapper, red snapper, cobia and pampano. fry are mostly imported from the mainland, taiwan, thailand, philippines or indonesia. traditionally, marine cultured fish are fed with trash fish

    所養殖的魚類品種在過去多年來隨著入口魚苗各品種的供應量而逐漸改變,近期普遍養殖的品種包括青斑、芝麻斑、龍躉、火點、紅鮪、紅魚、魚仲和黃? ? 。
  5. I spotted, under the eaves of the porch.

    看到走廊的屋檐下面… …