squama mentalis externalis中文意思是什麼

squama mentalis externalis解釋

  • squama: n. (pl. -mae )1. 【植物;植物學】鱗片;【動物;動物學】鱗。2. (昆蟲的)腋瓣;負須葉,鱗形節;刺緣突。
  • mentalis: 頦的,頦肌

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  1. We suggest to use the th - 22 type modified epoxy pitch glass squama coating for the underground parts

    埋地部位建議用th - 22型改性環氧瀝青玻璃鱗片塗料。
  2. Finally, applied with cspg, animal experiments on balb / c mice inoculated with cervical squama cancer were carried out

    最後,應用該裝置對接種宮頸鱗癌的荷瘤balb / c小鼠進行了大量的動物實驗。
  3. Efficacy : deep - seated nourishing formula can repair hair squama and supply protein. it is effective to supply moisture, improve hair toughness, reduce the furcal and cracking phenomena and straighten hair

  4. On the basis of analysis of the characters of high - pressure getting rid of squama water pump, for example rotating machine and running production, a system of online monitoring and fault diagnosis is developed

  5. Efficacy : clean hair completely, it can penetrate into hair and supply water and nutrient, repair hair squama from inside to outside, strenghthen the hair, endow hair smooth quality feeling, you can do up your hair easily, let you enjoy the unusual feeling the whole day