stack height中文意思是什麼

stack height解釋

  • stack: n 1 (麥桿等的)堆,垛;乾草堆。2 積材,層積,堆積;〈英國〉一堆〈木材等的計量單位,=108立方英尺...
  • height: n 1 高,高度;身高;海拔。2 〈常 pl 〉高地,山丘。3 高貴,卓越。4 絕頂,頂點;【聖經】天。5 〈罕...

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  1. Blood pressure, body weight, body height and visual acuity examination

  2. In some cases residuals from these arrivals will stack up to give nearly horizontal alignments.

  3. A barometric altimeter indicates height above sea level or some other selected elevation.

  4. Through discussion of numerical solution, the author get the effect of height of filled soil, size of culvert, width of valley, property of filled soil, construction procedure and techniques on soil stress of the culvert top ; 3. through the centrifuge test, the paper validates the reliability of numerical calculating on high - stack soil ; 4. the paper puts forward the simplified calculating method of soil stress of the culvert top on the foundation of numerical simulating and centrifuge modeling

    通過對數值解的討論,得到填土高度,涵洞截面尺寸,溝谷底部寬度,溝壁坡角,填築體性狀,施工速度,地下水對豎向位移場及涵洞頂部土壓力的影響情況; 3通過離心機的模擬試驗,驗證了數值計算對高路堤的計算結果的可靠性; 4在數值模擬和室內離心機模型試驗的基礎上,提出了高填方涵洞頂部土壓力簡化計算方法。
  5. The cathode ray tube had just been fitted with a hot cathode, which permitted operation at 300 volts instead of the previously required 10, 000, the lower voltage obtainable from a stack of dry cells of less than ceiling height

    (那時)剛剛有用一種熱陰極作成的陰極射線管,這種熱陰極不需要以前要求的10 , 000伏,可以在300伏電源下工作,這種低電壓可以由不再堆得天棚高那末多的干電池來獲得。