音標 [steidʒ]
n. 名詞 1. 講臺;舞臺;戲院,劇場;〈the stage〉戲劇,戲劇藝術;戲劇文學;〈the stage〉戲劇業;劇壇。
2. (活動)舞臺;活動范圍(場所);注意中心。
3. (顯微鏡的)鏡臺。
4. (發展的)階段,時期,程度,步驟。
5. 【電影】室內攝影場。
6. (建築用的)腳手架;棧橋,浮碼頭,躉船。
7. 站,驛站;一站路的行程;驛馬車,公共馬車[汽車]。
8. 【地質學;地理學】(地層的)階,段,程;(地文的)期。
9. 浮碼頭,躉船 (=landing stage)。
vt. 及物動詞 1. 演出,搬上舞臺,上演。
2. 〈美國〉籌辦,舉行,發起(某事)。
vi. 不及物動詞 1. 坐公共馬車旅行。
2. (劇本)適于上演,上舞臺。


    1. View from the economic, political and social backgrounds of present stage, the condition to abolish death penalty is far from being mature, but the system of death penalty in our country is born several defects, so we should strictly restrict the object and accusal that applied to death penalty through legislation and justice, demolish the procedure for judicial review of death penalty, carry out the system of the third instance as the final and add the institution of pardon

    2. Results dry matter accumulation of aerial part and under ground part of a. dahurica showed " s " curve, dry matter of aerial part gradually increased from the end of july to the early october and got to the peak in mid - october, then gradually decreased ; dry matter of under ground portion increased slowly in earlier stage and became rapidly from the end of august to the end of september, then reduced

      結果白芷地上和地下部分干物質積累呈「 s 」型曲線,地上部分干物質在7月底至10月初逐漸增加, 10月中旬達到高峰,隨后降低;地下部分干物質前期增加較慢, 8月底至9月底為快速增長期,隨后增加稍有減慢。
    3. Off-stage, too, he demonstrated incredible physical strength and agility.

    4. Approach to the fundamental task and system building of agrochemical service in china at present stage

    5. Usually, a show sends the young woman of amice, her this one phase may last 3 years or so, and of long hair princess " head happening grows initial stage " exceeded 10 years necessarily