stainle steel buckle中文意思是什麼

stainle steel buckle解釋

  • steel: n 1 鋼,鋼鐵。2 鋼製品;刀,劍,打火鐮;(女人胸衣等中的)松緊鋼條[絲];鋼磨;〈美國〉剃刀,小刀...
  • buckle: n 扣子,帶扣;(衣,鞋等的)扣形裝飾品。 hold [bring] buckle and thong together =〈美國〉make bu...

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  1. Determination of multi - elements in stainless steel by icp - aes

  2. Lifting appliances. shank hook made of alloyed steel

  3. Carbon structural and low alloy steel - rotled plates and strips

  4. Triangular carrier, herringbone carrier, c type buckle carrier and relevant suspended pleces, bridge pleces are made from galvanized steel. to ensure the level of suspended ceiling all these products. featuring in high strength, have flatness and dead load capacity meeting national standards. u - shape buckle carrier made from aluminum material or colored steel has the advantages such sa easy assembly, strong load bearing capacity and even surface

    三角骨,人字骨, c型條扣板骨及相關吊件,連接件均採用鍍鋅鋼製造,產品強度大,平直度和靜載能力超越國家標準要求,從而確保吊裝的平整性。 u型扣板骨採用鋁質或彩鋼等材料製造,達到裝配簡便,承受力強,表面均衡的效果。
  5. Taking nanpu bridge ( fst bridge ) in chun - an county as an instance, many problems on construction control technique for cfst bridge are discussed in this paper, including : the analysis method of simulating construction phase, construction monitoring technology, calculation of stayed - buckle - cable forces, allotting deadweight of pumping liquid concrete, analysis on the inflection of shrinkage and creep of core concrete in steel tube, analysis on the error in construction control, sensitivity analysis of parameters and parameter identification