stance fatigue中文意思是什麼

stance fatigue解釋

  • stance: n. 1. (高爾夫球,板球)擊球的姿勢;(運動員的)始發姿勢。2. 站立姿勢;安放的姿勢[位置];〈蘇格蘭語〉(建築物的)位置。3. 姿態,態度,立場,地位。
  • fatigue: n 1 疲乏,勞累;勞苦;累活。2 【機械工程】(金屬屢經打擊等后的)疲勞。3 【醫學】(組織、器官等對...

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  1. Time grew, the adjustment that can bring about pallium again the function is disorder, parasympathetic nerve centre is met " seize the opportunity " come out from the disengagement below the control of pallium, stimulant increase, the alvine path exercise that gets it to control is accelerated, patient occurrence diarrhoea ; this nerve excitement is too long, but because of " fatigue " and ebb gradually and turn to restrain, alvine path muscle also comes down flabbily slowly, peristalsis is abate, the result causes constipation again

  2. Research on changes of the nitric oxide synthase - positive neurons in medial cortical amygdaloid nuclei of rats under stress of exercise - induced fatigue

  3. Mc nylon boasts of fatigue - proof, anti - impact and abrasive resistance etc. it has been successfully applied on straight gear, worm wheel, bevel wheel and screw gear for 25 years

  4. Poor body mechanics, prolonged activity, repetitive motions, and fatigue are major contributors to these injuries

  5. By means of carrying out parameterization on finite element model of certain punching - welding bridge housing and through optimization analysis, this paper realized the light weighted optimization design of punching - welding bridge housing under the conditions of letting the bridge housing to satisfy the demands of perpendicular bending rigidity, the perpendicular bending strength and the perpendicular bending fatigue life