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  • stanley: n. 1. 斯坦利〈姓氏,男子名〉。2. Henry Morton Stanley 斯坦利〈1841-1904,英國的非洲探險家〉。n. 斯坦利(史坦萊)港〈馬爾維納斯群島(福克蘭群島)首府〉。

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  1. A pilot scheme on alfresco dining at stanley was launched in march 2002

  2. Pilot schemes on alfresco dining at stanley and sai kung were launched in march and july 2002 respectively

  3. John mack, under pressure to lift morgan stanley ' s profit and its flagging stock price, will take his eponymous knife to the firm ' s highly regarded investment banking division and dismiss as many as 22 managing directors in the coming days, according to a person briefed on the plan

  4. Stanley market is an extravaganza of stalls and shops

  5. Born in adachi ward tokyo, i was a student of zoltan szabo and jack reed of canada in 1970. i travelled through u. s. s. r, europe, middle east and india in 1973. i got married with french canadian girl, but she got killed in car - crash. i started painting since that time. i exhibited my works at the stanley park of vancouver

    從那時起開始畫畫。 8 4年在加拿大邊干植林的工作邊辦展覽並出售作品。植林的農閑季節,經由日本,遍歷了東南亞(非律賓,越南,泰國,印尼) ,尼泊爾,印度。