state explicitly beforehand中文意思是什麼

state explicitly beforehand解釋

  • state: n 1 〈常作 S 〉國,國家;〈通例作 S 〉(美國、澳洲的)州;〈the States〉 美國。2 國務,政權,政府...
  • explicitly: 明白地
  • beforehand: adv. 1. 事先,預先。2. 趕先,超前,提前。

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  1. It has such elements in the following : the fiscal department which is the core of leadership and the ownership representative of the center - owned soes in charge of the center - owned soes, local fiscal bureaus of all levels which manage the local soes politically or the in management committee of state - owned assets which are the owner representatives of local soes, the management companies which manage state - owned assets in those enterprises, and local soes which possess property rights of legal person. the new mssoe has two basic layers of principal - agent relation and three sides, which cuts out redundant management organizations and shortens the principal - agent chain of the old system and explicitly identifies duties and responsibilities of all management organizations. so it may realize the three disseverances of government - enterprise relation reforms

    政府的行政管理職能和經濟管理職能企業的法人財產權與企業的所有權及企業的經營權都是分開的,實現了三個分離:在政府層次,可以實現政府的行政管理職能與政府的經濟管理職能的分離;在中間層次,可以實現國有資產的管理職能與國有資產經營職能的分離;在國有企業這一層次,可以實現國有企業的最終所有權與國有企業的法人財產權的分離;第三,委託? ?代理關系變的簡單,委託代理雙方的身份變的更加明確,有助於改善委託方信息不對稱的狀況。
  2. Fourth, according to this nature, state indemnity procedure must definite that beforehand conductive way of respondent organizations in indemnity is consultative, administrative indemnity should regard judicatory procedure as the last one and judicatory indemnity should be done by indemnity committee

  3. Methods that take objects as arguments should not mutate the state of those objects, unless they are explicitly documented to do so or are effectively assuming ownership of that object

  4. The historical process of state - owned enterprises ( soe ) reform that started from 1978 showed that china ' s reform had no such package project designed beforehand. the reform of soe with bringing vigor into the enterprise, proceeded from adjusting the distribution relationship between the country and the enterprise, then pushed on to make a better responsibility between the country and the enterprise. that was the logic sequence that the reform followed. at present, although the reform has n ' t got decisive result, the achievement of the reform is great. the view that " the reform is a failure " is no longer tenable

    1978年以來國有企業改革的歷史進程表明,中國的改革並沒有一個事先設計好的所謂「一攬子」方案,國有企業改革在邏輯順序上是循著以增強企業活力為起點,從調整國家與企業的分配關系入手,再推進到改進國家與企業的責任關系這樣一條線索而展開。目前,國有企業改革雖然在總體上還沒有取得決定性成效,但改革的成果是巨大的, 「改革失敗論」是站不住腳的。
  5. When you author a custom server control with a custom view state, the view state can be managed explicitly with the