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  • state: n 1 〈常作 S 〉國,國家;〈通例作 S 〉(美國、澳洲的)州;〈the States〉 美國。2 國務,政權,政府...
  • monetary: adj 貨幣的;金錢的;金融的;財政(上)的。 the monetary system 貨幣制度。 a monetary unit 貨幣單...
  • policy: n 1 政策,政綱;方針,方向;方法。2 策略;權謀;智慧;精明的行為。3 【軍事】政治,行政。4 〈蘇格...

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  1. Much of recent literature on emerging markets crisis highlights the limited financial development of these economies and the severe credit squeeze experienced by local firms during crises. from this structure, two opposing arguments are commonly made regarding optimal monetary policy. extrapolating from developed economy credit channel analysis, some advocate an expansionary monetary policy to offset the effect of the credit squeeze during downturns

  2. The first part of my paper is to summarize literature. the foreign research showed consentaneous idea on the short period relation between monetary policy and output

  3. We found that monetary policy was more powerful with flexible exchange rates.

  4. In fact, it ’ s the state that interest rate can ’ t clear market and there is an excess need of credit in the credit market. because of that, the credit rationing behavior could be separated into equilibrium credit rationing behavior and non - equilibrium credit rationing behavior. the monetary policy transmission mechanism is the process that the

  5. Monetary policy affects the economy with long and variable lags. this much we know. how long depends on the state of the economy in question