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  • life: n (pl lives)1 生命,性命。2 一生;壽命;【原子能】(亞原子粒子的)生命期;使用期限,耐久性。3 ...
  • net: n 因特網。 supply Net services 提供因特網服務。 n 1 網,網眼織物,(花邊的)織物。2 網狀物,網狀...

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  1. The asp. net application life cycle is extensible through

    Asp . net應用程序生命周期可通過
  2. The first life net is one of the biggest service platforms for merchandise on hand in the world at present, which offers one - stop service for import & export traders 、 wholesaler 、 shopkeepers 、 chain institutions and super market traders and so on. these services include informations - selection 、 business negotiation 、 factory - examining 、 qc 、 reserch & development of products 、 products market orientation 、 production supporting 、 products distribution 、 and the powerful aftersales - service etc

    第一生活網是目前全球最大的現貨服務平臺之一,專為全球進出口商、批發商、零售商、連鎖機構、大型商超提供信息篩選、商務談判、審廠、 qc 、產品研發、產品定位、生產支持、組織現貨配送服務、售後保障等一站式服務網路。
  3. The chairman jan. gesmar - larsen of dell ltd. that developed by the net - sell ever said that, the market rule of the elec - business time is not ever " big win small " but " quick win slow ". as far, the internet business develops quickly, every aspect of the social is impacted by the net tide. that first in and takes this field presents survival and development. the bank as the high - teck company will be impacked by the net business heavily, at the same time will fuse into and affect the net business and people ' s life. at the net business time, berween the different financial institution, between the financial institution and unfinacial institution, the limit is going to be faintaess, the amalgamation trend of the financial serve is building the foundation stone of " big business "

    Gesmar - larsen曾經說過,電子商務時代的市場規則不再是「大吃小」而是「快勝慢」 。在網際網路經濟高速發展的今天,社會的各個方面和角落都在經受網路大潮的沖擊和洗禮,搶先進入和占領網路這一領域就代表著生存和發展,銀行作為知識密集型企業不可避免地受到網路經濟的強大沖擊,同時又以自身的金融特點融入並影響著網路經濟和人們的生活。網路經濟時代,不同金融機構之間、金融機構和非金融機構之間的界限趨于模糊,金融服務的融合趨勢正在構建「大金融」的基石。
  4. On the base of thorough analysis of fault characters, the petri net model is introduced and changed into fault petri net ( fpn ) that can be used to settle some critical problems such as complicated faults, degradation competition and one cause with multiple consequence according to the characters of fault evolvement and spreading. in order to predicate the remained life of particular machine under special working conditions, an algorithm was also providcd to analyse the timely characters of the fpn. it is demonstrated that the method provided in this paper can simulate the dynamic evolvement process more appropriate than tranditional methods such as fault tree analysis ( fta ) and can predicate the remained life of the particular machine under special working conditions

    為此,深入分析了機械設備的故障特性,把以描述離散事件動態系統見長的petri網分析技術引入到機械設備剩餘壽命預測領域,並根據故障的演變和傳播特點,將petri網加以改造,提出適用於對機械設備復合故障動態演變歷程進行模擬的「故障petri網」 ,解決了「並發故障」 、 「劣化競爭」和「一因多果」等問題,並給出故障petri網的時間特性分析演算法,用於單機具體工況下的剩餘壽命預測。
  5. Calvin : simply speaking, life can be looked on as a complex chemical computer composed of chromosomes. it is a net system in chaos