statutory authority中文意思是什麼

statutory authority解釋

  • statutory: adj. 1. 法令的,有關法令的。2. 法定的;依照法令的;可依法處罰的。
  • authority: n. 1. 權威,威信;權力,權柄;權限,職權,權能。2. 工程管理處[局,委員會等];〈pl. 〉當局,官方。3. 根據,憑據。4. 權威者,泰斗,大家。5. 【法律】判決例,先例。6. 代理權。

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  1. Article 72 in the event that the organizations or individuals provide the occupational - health technical services without obtaining the qualification thereof, or any healthcare agencies undertake occupational health examination and occupational - disease diagnosis without statutory approvals, the competent public health authority can order the responsible organizations or individuals to immediately stop the violating practice, and confiscate the illegal income therefrom ; any organization or individual gaining an illegal income over rmb 5, 000 yuan is also subject to a fine equaling 2 to 10 times of the illegal income ; any organization or individual gaining no illegal income or an illegal income less than rmb 5, 000 yuan is also subject to a fine between rmb 5, 000 and rmb 50, 000 yuan ; the executives and other personnel directly responsible for the severe illegal practices are subject to such disciplinary actions as post - lowering, deposal or dismissal according to applicable regulations

  2. The pharmacy and poisons board ( ppb ) is the statutory authority set up under the pharmacy and poisons ordinance to take charge of the registration of pharmaceutical products in hong kong

    藥劑業及毒藥管理局是根據《藥劑業及毒藥條例》 ( 《條例》 )的規定而成立的法定機構,負責處理本港藥劑製品的注冊事宜。
  3. The authority should be supported by an advisory committee on conservation and the existing statutory advisory committees and boards on biodiversity conservation e. g., advisory council on the environment, country and marine parks board, wetland advisory committee and endangered species advisory committee should be coordinated with and supplementary to this new advisory committee on conservation

  4. In his roles as societies officer and statutory authority for the issue of a number of licences and permits, the commissioner and the force maintains personal data in relation to the following ordinances, firearms and ammunition, public order, massage establishment, dutiable commodities, security & guarding services, societies and so on. police action involvement is necessary in respect of licences issued by other statutory authorities and personal data are maintained in connection with public entertainment licences, money lender licences, liquor licences

  5. We believe that this is necessary to enhance policy credibility, ensure adequate checks and balance on our statutory authority, and provide a mechanism for public scrutiny and monitoring of our activities