steam venting中文意思是什麼

steam venting解釋

  • steam: n 1 蒸汽,水蒸氣,水氣,霧,蒸氣壓力。2 〈口語〉精神,精力,氣力;怒氣。3 輪船,乘輪船旅行。vi 1 ...
  • venting: 罐頭殺菌前從殺菌鍋中排出空氣

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  1. Maybe because of the frost of winter, white steam from an open - air bath soars into the air, and what you can see beyond that steam is just the absolute view of the great nature

  2. Sauna, herbal steam sauna and massage are designed to provide an ambiance of harmony and comfort for you

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  4. Performance test code - steam generating units includes asme 1968 and 1969 addenda

  5. Some auxiliary fuel tank must not be steam-cleaned or exposed to extreme heat.