steam-shovel =steam navy。

  • steam: n 1 蒸汽,水蒸氣,水氣,霧,蒸氣壓力。2 〈口語〉精神,精力,氣力;怒氣。3 輪船,乘輪船旅行。vi 1 ...
  • shovel: n 鏟,鐵杴,(舀糖用的)杓子 (=shovel hat)。vt ( l(l) ) 拿鏟子鏟,拿杓子舀。vi 用鏟子工作...


  1. Magic air bed bj - 9012 steam tiger bj - 9117 steam master pro

    Bj - 9012老虎蒸氣清潔機
  2. Tl steam turbine oil appropriative filter,

  3. Tl steam turbine oil appropriative oil purifier dyj multi - function lubricating oil purifier

    1 tl系列汽輪機油透干油專用濾油機
  4. Performance test code - steam generating units includes asme 1968 and 1969 addenda

  5. At first i put the head of shovel that was very clean after being washed at the passage of the stove, poured some barnyard grass flour into my can container, then added likely water, mixed with a spoon to be paste, and poured a part onto the burning hot shovel with a sound