steel area中文意思是什麼

steel area解釋

  • steel: n 1 鋼,鋼鐵。2 鋼製品;刀,劍,打火鐮;(女人胸衣等中的)松緊鋼條[絲];鋼磨;〈美國〉剃刀,小刀...
  • area: n. 1. 面積;平地;地面。2. 空地;〈英國〉地下室前的空地。3. 地區,地方;〈比喻〉區域;范圍。

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  1. Here the hsc of sompa is achieved through adding super - effective water reducer, fined slag and silicon fume, and decreasing the water / cement ratio. by varying the area ( spacing ) of tension bars, compressive bars, vertical links and distribution steel and embedding steel fiber and polypropylene fiber we try to improve the behaviors of reinforced high performance concrete one - way spanning slabs in bending, so that its ductility be greater than 5. with the same arrangement of steel the width of bending member is varied to observe the effect of the width / depth ratio on the ultimate compressive strain of concrete

    通過變化受拉筋含筋率和受壓筋、箍筋(鉤筋、分佈筋)含量,或摻加纖維使之成為鋼纖維高強混凝土( sfrhsc )和聚丙烯纖維高強混凝土( pfrhsc ) ,對高強混凝土雙筋截面梁、板的受彎性能進行了試驗研究,試圖改善高強混凝土受彎構件的延性,使其延性比大於5 ;並在相同配筋情況下,通過變化截面寬度,研究了高強混凝土受彎構件的寬高比對壓區混凝土極限應變的影響;並對試驗構件的裂縫發展情況進行了觀測。
  2. Application of aluminithermic welding technology for steel rail in yantian port area phase project

  3. To evaluate the mine engineering geological conditions and for making - up an engineering activity plan that guides the mine development, an engineering geological environmental analysis of aoshan mining area in nanshan mine, maanshan iron and steel co. was made. through rock property analysis, single factor analysis and comprehensive evaluation, the coordinability of various factors were determined

  4. Its hysteretic curve is plumper, its ductility coefficient and energy dissipation capacity have been improved remarkably. the inclined staff of the steel bar truss has a restraining faction to the development of the crack, and the phenomena is that there has more crak and larger distributing area on the shear wall, which is an important token of the improved seismic capacity. concealed steel bar truss has the faction of increasing the height of plastic hinge area, which is another important token of

  5. Based on the results of experimental research, we can find that the construction method of joints zone are feasible and safe, the joints between concrete - filled steel tubular core columns and prestressed concrete beams have good ductility and good energy dissipation, and the concrete - filled steel tubular core columns can raise the shear strength of core area of joints and the bending strength of the column ends