steel can中文意思是什麼

steel can解釋

  • steel: n 1 鋼,鋼鐵。2 鋼製品;刀,劍,打火鐮;(女人胸衣等中的)松緊鋼條[絲];鋼磨;〈美國〉剃刀,小刀...
  • can: n 1 〈美國〉罐頭,聽頭(=〈英國〉tin);(裝液體的)鐵罐,玻璃罐(等);一罐(之量);茶杯。2 〈...

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  1. The properties of low carbon steel can be greatly enhanced when its grain size becomes ultrafine. approaches to obtain ultrafine grain size for low carbon steel, such as microalloying, electromagnetic field treatment and thermo - mechanical treatment after rolling, are given in this paper. in addition, the mechanism and technologies of ultrafine granulation are also discussed

  2. The behaviour of some materials, notably structural steel, can often be approximated by a stres-strain curve.

  3. As to the study on application of higher grade of pipe steel, he considers that the higher grade of pipe steel can be adopted in gas transmission pipeline through the optimized design

  4. With its compact dimensions and robust design, this load cell, manufactured from stainless steel, can be used in a wide variety of stations, in test bays and laboratories

  5. Steel can be used for the working parts of machines