1. He made no reply to this adjuration ; only plodding doggedly down the wooden steps, and halting before an apartment which, from that halt and the superior quality of its furniture, i conjectured to be the best one

    2. But once our worst supposition was confirmed, we can take action ; once their agendums were revealed, we can take steps to protect ourselves and those we love

    3. " one hundred steps on foot " after a meal, will influence the alimentary canal digestion and absorption of the nutriment because of increasing in amount of exercise

      飯后「百步走」 ,會因運動量增加而影響消化道對營養物質的消化吸收。
    4. ( 6 ) 4, 6 - diamino - 5 - nitrobenzofuroxan is designed to synthesis from trichlorobenzene through nitration aminatiom azidation and thermal decomposition. this compound is a new explosive. but we only got the intermediates of the first and second steps ( nitration, amination ) because the limit of time

      ( 6 )從均三氯苯出發,設計經硝化、氨化、疊氮化和脫氮四步合成4 , 6 -二氨基- 5 -硝基苯並氧化呋咱,這是未見文獻報道的新化合物,不過由於時間關系,我們只得到氨化這一步的中間產物即3 , 5 -二氨基- 2 , 4 -二硝基氯苯,這也是個未見文獻報道的新化合物。
    5. There are four major steps in ammonia synthesis.