stick figures中文意思是什麼

stick figures解釋

  • stick: n 1 棒,棍;手杖,棒狀物。2 枝條,枯枝;柴。3 (蔬菜,草木植物的)莖,梗。4 條狀物(如炭條等)。5...
  • figures: 菲格斯

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  1. Tight packaging of small acini creates a near - solid appearance. there is no cytologic atypia. mitotic figures are rare

  2. The figures were released at today s ( december 9 ) meeting of the action committee against narcotics ( acan )

  3. You ' re like one of these action figures

  4. - ls that neville ' s handiwork ? - neville ' s way beyond stick figures

    -是內維爾的大作嗎? -內維爾早就過了畫圖畫的年齡了
  5. We take red, white and black as the basic colors ; and the figures used are smooth and not stick to one pattern, giving us not only a strong and contrast visual impression but also a sense of being broad and profound as a city of long history