still head中文意思是什麼

still head解釋

  • still: adj 1 靜止的,平靜的,靜寂的。2 溫柔的,低聲的。3 沉默寡言的。4 (酒等)不起泡的。5 沒有活力的,...
  • head: n 1 頭,頭部,首。2 頭腦,才能;智力,想像力,理解力。3 前部,上部;頂端,尖突部;船長;(書頁等...

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  1. The way in which smart people sprawled head over heels into all the cesspools of vice still caused nana some surprise, for she had a few prejudices remaining, though satin was rapidly destroying them

  2. Run into some troublesome matters this several days, i have a class at school, having a female to always stare at me, in view of the fact at new school, i and this persons are all incognizant, having never talked, having a class to still class dismiss regardless, i a with the other people talk her to see me, she sits on my right - hand side in front, at the time that i had a class, in order to wanting to attend lecture, so want to see a blackboard, once i see a blackboard, she thinks i see her, turn head to see me always, make me attend lecture all have a little listen to not to descend go to, don ' t knowing should shouldn ' t see a blackboard, but i want to study me and attend lecture

  3. At last, seeing the ship still bore on her course, and was now swiftly drawing out of earshot, one of them - i know not which it was - leapt to his feet with a hoarse cry, whipped his musket to his shoulder, and sent a shot whistling over silver s head and through the mainsail

  4. Antifoam still head

  5. But isn " t your mom still head of the parents association