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  • still: adj 1 靜止的,平靜的,靜寂的。2 溫柔的,低聲的。3 沉默寡言的。4 (酒等)不起泡的。5 沒有活力的,...
  • picture: n 1 畫,圖畫。2 畫像;照片。 3 圖畫似的敘述,寫照;畫一般美的東西;圖畫似的風景,美景。4 相似的形...
  • transmission: n 遞送;傳遞;傳達;傳染;移轉;【機械工程】傳動;傳遞;變速器;聯動機件;【無線電】傳送;發射;...

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  5. In the dissertation, a kind of embedded image monitoring system based on arm is discussed. the system has the functions of motion detection and picture transmission based on gprs, and improves the flexibility of setting and the definition of abnormal picture