stitch border中文意思是什麼

stitch border解釋

  • stitch: n 1 一針;針腳;縫線。2 針法,縫法,編法。3 (常指肋部)突然,劇痛。4 碎布;〈口語〉一部分,一點...
  • border: n 1 邊,緣,邊沿,框。2 邊界,國界,國境,邊境;邊地;領地。3 (女服的)滾邊,布邊;(印刷品等的...

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  1. A more challenging criticism is that despite all our talk of cross - border movements in culture, cultural studies is a fundamentally national formation. suggesting that its institutional success may be a specifically anglophone event, the eminent historian of european ideas, david simpson, recently

  2. Enemy troops raided our border areas.

  3. He used to run guns across the border.

  4. There is a floral border round the mouth of the vase.

  5. Department of hokkaido university vet teachs xi tianhong to say, the unripe chicken market of area of border on of border land of asian south each country is very much, when unripe chicken crosses national boundaries to trade, without virus quarantine link, the possibility that the unripe chicken that avian flu passes poison of feeling catch a disease or shoe of unripe chicken negotiant touch the gallinaceous dung that contains virus to transmit exotic nation quickly is very large